Today, like every day, I had plans to be productive. But I’m often tired. It was rainy out. The apartment was relatively clean. I didn’t have any freelance work to do. I curled up with the cats, drank tea, ate some snacks and finished reading a book.

Since I’ve been out of the hospital, I haven’t improved much and so I’ve been more or less holding steady. I meet with the doctor on Wednesday to see if there’s a Plan B after radiation. I haven’t had much energy, and existing out of the hospital is more tiring. I have been bad about getting back to people or doing things. Sometimes, I have to make a choice between things I have to do—dishes, cleaning, work, laundry—and other things. Usually I can pick only one or two things to do. Even things like blogging or writing texts and emails seem like insurmountable tasks at times. When I have bursts of energy, I try to do a lot of things all at once. Today wasn’t one of those days.

I’ve watched a lot of TV. Thankfully, I was behind on a lot of shows anyway so I finally caught up on a few things I started watching while recovering from my liver ablation last spring.

My apologies if I haven’t been in touch. I feel as if I’m operating at 50-60 percent of my usual energy level. There’s not a lot they can do for these tumors, but hopefully the doctors will have a plan.

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