My release is soon. According to my doctors, I could get out as soon as this week. Here’s what has to happen:

1. My counts have to be good. So far, so good.

2. I have to be able to eat 1,000 calories per day. Right now, I’m still struggling with broth and pudding. Today, perhaps I try some mashed potatoes. Tomorrow, if it’s rainy, I plan up on curling up with Game of Thrones and a Cranky Monkey smoothie.

3. I have to get rid of my IV medication. This is good, because I’m not on very much medication at all, considering. I’m no longer receiving morphine, but I still have the pain pump, so the morphine’s under my control. The anti-nausea drugs, Acyclovir, vitamins and other goodies I’ll eventually have to take by mouth, much more doable now that my throat is feeling better.

4. I have to drink a liter of water a day. Pre-transplant, this wasn’t a problem, so let’s see if I can get there again, with my sore esophagus.

Fingers crossed. I can’t simply chug some water and eat a bunch of food and check myself out. Hopefully, I feel well enough in the upcoming days to meet my goals and get out of here! After 26 days, I’m ready!


  1. thinking of you and sending you waves and waves of my most powerful vibes for healing (especially your poor throat!) and comfort. sounds like you are responding very well with your counts as your new immune system is establishing itself – yay! here’s hoping all will move along smoothly and you will get sprung post haste.

    with love and lots of warm hugs of encouragement,

    Karen xox

    • apainintheneck says:

      Thank you so much for the comments of encouragement! I need them right now, as I head towards the finish.

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